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KANELLATOU, PARASKEVI G., 2017. "Polyphonic Singing of Epirus: Cultural Expression & Cultural Promotion", in Proceedings of the 8th Athens Postgraduate Conference of Philology of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens - 8-11 July 2015), Volume D΄ - Folkloristics, p. 53-65, Athens: [ISBN: 978-960-466-167-1 & ISSN: 2407-943X].

Lecture to the 8th Conference of Postgraduate Students & PhD Candidates of the Philology Department (Athens: National and Kapodistrian University of Athens - 11 July 2015, "Ioannis Drakopoulos" Αmphitheatre).

The category ‘Polyphonic Singing of Epirus’ refers to the traditional polyphonic way of singing practised by the members of some ethno-cultural communities in the northern part of Epirus, more specifically in the districts of Pogoni, Dropolis, Premeti and Chimara. This paper looks at the geographical dissemination of the Polyphonic Singing of Epirus and examines how it is practised in two areas. Firstly, in the communities in which this type of singing is part of local communal expression and communication; secondly, in cultural associations which approach it as an activity and a skill that needs to be learned, disseminated and promoted by them.

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