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Vivi G. Kanellatou

Paraskevi (Vivi) Kanellatou is an ethnomusicologist specialized in teaching singing of Greek music culture, whether that is early artistic popular or traditional. In her teaching she includes a musicological approach (repertory, vocal placement, stylistics, analysis of music theory, musical aesthetics), as well as an anthropological approach (social functioning and interpretation).

She was born in Athens and has lived there ever since. She studied Ethnomusicology in the School of Arts, department of Traditional Music of the Technological Educational Institute of Epirus, where she got her degree focused on Greek popular music culture with specialization  in traditional and popular singing. She carried out her internship as an external associate of the Hellenic Folklore Research Centre of the Academy of Athens working in the department of Archives of the National Music Collection. Since 2017, she holds a Master's degree (MSc) in Cultural Management (program of 'Management of Cultural Organisations', School of Social Sciences, Hellenic Open University).

Her professional experience includes:

  • Setting up, Teaching, Conducting and musical Supervising of vocal ensembles.
  • Musicological supervisor in ethnomusicological publications, films, documentaries, theatre and music and dance performances of Greek Popular and Traditional music culture content .
  • Artistic / Music direction and organization of festivals and music, theatre and dance performances - presentations.
  • Fieldwork research on matters of Greek Popular and Traditional music culture.
  • Archive management (manuscripts, audio recordings, discography and films).
  • Reviewing music productions and performances as well as writing articles on Greek music popular and traditional culture.
  • Radio and music album productions.
  • The management and the artistic direction of cultural organisations.

Ms. Kanellatou’s musical educational course began at a young age with the study in Spanish classic guitar, of the theory of western music and of classic singing. Her occupation with Greek traditional music began in the mid-1990s and has been enhanced by courses of learning of Byzantine Church Music. At the same time, she studied Greek traditional percussion instruments having as her teachers Nestor Drougkas, Andreas Pappas and Lefteris Pavlou. She also studied Greek traditional lute having as instructors Christos Zotos, Dimitris Mistakidis and Paris Perisinakis.

Her first artistic debut was in the frame of traditional a’cappella singing groups, polyphonic groups and musical groups with a Greek traditional repertory. She has been a permanent member of choruses of traditional singing under the direction of Vangelis Kotsou in the “Museum of Greek Popular Music Instruments of Foibos Anogeianakis” and has sung under the direction of Michalis Kalliontzidis as part of the cultural group of “Mousiki Stegi”. She has also participated as one of the main members in the Epirus Polyphonic Song groups “Poliphonico tis Ipeirou” and “Chaonia”. She collaborated with the musical groups “Greek Circles” and “Avragonios” and took part in the musical recording work of Petros Gaitanos and in a digital collection dedicated to the musical phenomenon of pentatonic musical scales in the wider region of Epirus, Greece (“I Ipeiros tis Pentatonias”). During her musical vocal career she collaborated with the orchestras of Elias Plastiras, Aleksandros Arkadopoulos, Dimitrios Rizos, Yiorgos Kotsinis, Theodoris Georgopoulos, and with artists distinguished in the popular music scene such as Kyriakos Gouventas, Michalis Klapakis, Vangelis Kotsou, Michalis Kaliontzidis, Yiorgos Floudas, Christos Zotos and Yiota Vei.

She is artistic and research director of Research Centre for Greek Singing ER.K.E.T., of which she is a founding member. She is also the owner and the critical editor of the Scientific & Arts Acoustic e-Journal “En Logois”. Since 1998 she has been collaborating with the Lyceum Club of Greek Women in Athens, Chalkida, Acharnai and Arta, as a vocal ensembles’ conductor. During the period 2007-2009 she was the President of the Graduate Students’ Association of the Department of Popular and Traditional Music. She is a full member of: i) the Greek Society for Ethnology, ii) the Greek Folklore Society, iii) the Greek Society for Music Education, iv) the Choir Conductors’ Pan-Hellenic Association, v) the Hellenic Association of Choral Directors and Ensembles and vi) the Greek Costume Society.